What exactly are we talking about?

Most of the fundamental things we understand about how to live were learned by absorption.  That is to say we didn't study them by choice.  We learned them by watching those around us and mimicking their behavior.  For instance the way you or I make requests or understand trust or our familiarity with emotions are all things we adopted rather than chose.  That  is one level of learning and it is the level that allowed us to survive and, at a basic level, get what we needed.  But might there be more?  

Take our use of language as an example.  We all use language.  We realize that we learned English or Hindi or Chinese because we were born in a particular place.  What we don't realize is that every language or idiom uses the same fundamental mechanical structure, that there are only six acts of speech, that there are non-negotiable things we need to include in a request for it to be effective, that there is a specific conversation that produces action and we can learn the mechanics of that conversation.  And we can extend this example into other parts of life.

UnLearnReLearn focuses on the fundamentals of human interaction whether in language, emotions or the ways our bodies communicate.  All of it is learnable and give us powers of communication we all desire.  This is our work whether we are coaching, mentoring or training with individuals or groups.  And it works.  Take a look at what clients tell us about their learning experiences on our clients' feedback page They Say