They Say

Here are some of the things our clients have been gracious enough to share with us about our work:

They Say Matrix.jpg

In General:  “Your work manifests such a rare combination of qualities and skills:  searing, original, complex thinking with perfect pitch and clarity in language; grounded competence with vulnerability/approachability/kindness; irreverence with reverence; ease with vivid vitality; and you hold the room as only true storytellers can." - MH

Organizational Work:  “Just wanted to let you know I appreciate all you have taught me over the last several months. The tools are invaluable and have made me a better leader and person. I also received excellent feedback from my team after our training today. I look forward to our next session." - DP

Coaching:  “Thank you so much for sharing all your wisdom, insights, techniques and warmth in coaching.  Your words were valuable and taught me a great deal about the art of coaching." - SH

Teaching:  “Before the workshop I questioned whether I had the time to be there but I realize now I didn’t have the time not to be.  Thank you!!!! I mean THANK YOU ... really big thank you!  I have learned and am hungry to continue learning." - TR 

Mentoring:  “I'm sending you a bow!  In respect for your knowledge and your insight!   I am truly honored to have you as a mentor!  I mean this sincerely!” - HP