For Whom

Due to confidentiality agreements with our clients we cannot share names but may share descriptions of the organization and our work.  Here are a few:

  • Advanced training for internal coaches at a global energy company so that they can be of greater service to top leaders
  • Team training for two major aerospace organizations whose relationship is customer and prime contractor to develop the skills that ensure a sustainable relationship 
  • Mentoring and coaching a Human Resources Manager recently promoted to country responsibility for a leading international sporting goods company 
  • Training and coaching for a public school system working with all levels of administration, management and support to address change, stress and overwhelm
  • Coaching the marketing group of a federal agency to shift the mood from resignation to possibility
  • Facilitating and coaching a county level highway department to learn to build, maintain and repair trust
  • Training and coaching an architectural design/build firm to build their capacity to collaborate on complex projects both internally and with their suppliers, partners and clients
  • Coaching a major regional logistics company to build the competence of their leadership team
  • Training and mentoring leaders of a high precision engineering design company to increase their commitment to a shared vision and to align their choices to that vision