The principals of UnLearnReLearn are Dan Newby and Lucy Nuñez.  Dan and Lucy are both coaches, coach trainers, mentors and facilitators.  Both are certified by the International Coach Federation.  Dan was previously a Senior Course Leader for Newfield Network and led training courses in the U.S., Canada and Europe.  Lucy was a Course Leader for the Escuela Europea de Coaching based in Barcelona.  She taught courses throughout Spain and in Mexico. Lucy’s coaching and training is delivered in Spanish.  Dan works in English.  

In addition UnLearnReLearn collaborates with outstanding coaches and trainers throughout the world.  A partial list would include associates in the U.S., Canada, Europe, Israel, South Africa, The Caribbean, India and Singapore.  Thanks to the current state of telecommunications our work can easily be delivered anywhere in the world.  Having said that, nothing can replace in-person learning.  Our experience is that the most powerful model for training and coaching is combining in-person workshops with work by Skype or telephone supported by peer-study and self-study materials and assignments.  

Dan Newby

Lucy Nuñez